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A Flight of Short Musicals

Short form theatrical work is an often under performed and under appreciated part of the theatrical genre. Luckily Theatre Elision, who has already made their name in producing rarely performed musical works, have now brought us a night of 6 short musicals in an evening they are calling A Flight Of Short Musicals. The work is so named because not only are there a myriad of short musical works to sample, they also provide a flight of drinks (cocktails, wine or non alcoholic) with your ticket.

The theatrical works vary in topic from politics to grammar to personal relationships. Some of the works are new, and others have been expertly chosen, and might even be familiar if you are a fan of Flight of the Concords. Some of the musicals are comedic, some are dramatic but they arrange them in such a way that they allow for a depth after comedy, and a break for drinks after the more emotional pieces.

The variety in works performed guarantees that there will be something for everyone to enjoy. And if there is a piece that you find doesn't capture you much, you will soon have a new theatrical piece to experience. I personally really enjoyed the a large majority of the pieces. It was fun to see a short and beautiful slice of life musical followed shortly by a comedy about grammar in which an apostrophe comes to life.

Once again Theatre Elision has put together a top notch ensemble, comprised of Jim Ahrens, Kyler Chase, Justin Michael Cooke, Vanessa Gamble, Anna Hickey, Tristen Sima, Leslie Vincent, Christine Wade and Harrison Wade. The cast was filled with individuals I have seen at Theatre Elision multiple times along with some new faces to the theater. Their voices merges together wonderfully in differing combinations throughout the night.

A Flight of Short Musicals is a perfect show for anyone who is a fan of musical theater and wants to explore what the genre is capable of portraying in only a short amount of time. The show is playing at the Elision Playhouse in Crystal through this Sunday January 26th. Click here for more information about the show and how to get tickets.

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