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Ghost Quartet 2018

Theatre Elision is at it again with Ghost Quartet, one of my favorite shows from 2017. You can read what I thought of it here. The show still very similar to last years production, which a new cast which you can read about at Theatre Elision's website. The show has a special kind of magic that deserves being revisited so I am thrilled that Theatre Elision put it on again, and hope that they make a pattern out of it.

I don't want to repeat what I said last year, you can read how wonderful the show is in the link above. The show is so deep, containing stories within stories that are lyrically dense, because of this in can be hard to absorb the show in one sitting. Which is why I am so glad that there are two great recordings of the show from New York (both can be found on Apple music) and that Theatre Elision has taken videos of their performance (see twitter) so that I can watch it in the upcoming months. Also the Genius lyrics website has fantastic annotations of the lyrics, many by the songwriter Dave Malloy, which give great insight into all the references and inspiration behind the show.

Ghost Quartet is a show that always has something different to give depending on what you need at the time. After a very stressful week that gift for me in this viewing was Prayer (which Theatre Elision recorded the night I was there!).

Ghost Quartet is only running for one more day in 2018, tonight November 3rd. If you haven't seen it I highly encourage you to make a trip to North Garden Theater to pack the house for its final show. You can find information about tickets for the show at Theatre Elision's website, here.

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