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Last Stop on Market Street

Last Stop on Market Street, currently playing at the Children's Theater bring's Matt de la Peña's children's book to life on the stage, filled with color and music, and a little bit of theater magic. I had never heard of the book, but the tale of a boy from a gated community learning to make friends and connections with people in the inner city is a great story for anyone regardless of where they are from.

The feel of the show matches its location. The music and lyrics for the show written by Lamont Dozier (inductee of the songwriter's hall of fame) and his son Paris Ray Dozier, mix different styles, from hip hop to gospel together to create a show that both kids and parents are sure to love.

A part of the show highlight for me was the rap battle early on in the show where CJ (Alejandro Vega) fights with his Nana (Greta Oglesby) about taking away his phone and tablet. The show is deliciously modern. Speaking to both new issues, such as seven year olds with cell phones, as well as age old lessons, such as learning to not make assumptions about people based on their looks.

My one complaint about the show is that it felt too short. At just over an hour it is probably the perfect length for children. But for me, an adult, I found myself wanting more. I wanted more of the beautiful music and story. I wanted to know what happened after the bows and the proverbial curtain was lowered.

The Last Stop on Market Street runs at the Children's Theater until October 21st. It is a perfect show for families who live in the city every day or just visit on occasion.

Click here for more information about the show and how to get tickets.

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Photo credit: Dan Norman

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