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Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland, the 2015 Musical, based on the 2004 movie of the same title about the creation of J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan is currently out touring the United States and for the rest of the week is performing at the Orpheum Theater.

The show is a great amount of fun, and the production values are top notch. It is really special when a show can pull off a moment of theatrical magic and this show does just that on many occasions. The costumes and sets all work together well. But my favorite aspect of the show was the choreography by Mia Michaels.

The songs were fun, and had most of the audience tapping their toes, although it didn’t feel particularly unique. The songs felt as though they were trying to recreate what had been successful in the past and due to this the sum of the songs didn’t feel like they fit together wonderfully.

This is not to say that the cast that were singing and dancing all over the Orpheum stage are not wonderfully talented. Billy Harrigan Tighe who plays Barrie has an incredible about of energy and has great chemistry with Christine Dwyer, who plays Sylvia the mother of the Davies boys who are an inspiration for Barrie. John Davidson as Charles Frohman, the producer of the theater Barrie writes for, as well as Captain Hook gave my favorite performance of the night, he is very fun to watch, and draws attention every time he is on stage. The supporting cast were all very versatile, taking on multiple roles during the show. The four children in the show (there are six children that rotate shows) are all charming and talented, the child only song “We’re All Made of Stars” might have gotten the biggest applause of the night.

It you are fan of Peter Pan, or looking for a way to bring joy to your inner child or to the children in your life then this show very well could be for you.

It will be at the Orpheum Theater until this Sunday, November 5th. More information about getting tickets can be found by clicking here.

*Photos: The cast of FINDING NEVERLAND. Photo credit: Jeremy Daniel.

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