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Twin Cities Theater: No Longer A Student But Seeking Discounts (Updated)

I am 24 years old, 2 years out of college, and in the past 11 months I have seen over 40 theatrical performances in the twin cities…and it didn’t break the bank.

The reason; discounts and programs all around town that make theater more affordable for people like me. People who are young, no longer in school, and with a great desire to experience as much theater as possible.

Below is a list that I have put together of programs and discounts that I have made this past year possible.


If you are under 30 you can buy up to 4 of any remaining tickets for rush prices as soon as the box office opens. You just need to sign up for the program at the box office in person first.

For ages 21-45. It is 150 dollars for 2 people and with it you get tickets to 4 preselected shows including the summer musical and invites to special events. Plus, after each of the 4 plays, there is a free after party with free wine and food, plus you get to mingle with the cast and crew. But back to the money, if you sign up for open call with a friend it boils down to less than 20 dollars per show…plus free booze.

Minnesota Opera:

For ages 21-39. 50 dollars to join but once you are in you get invites to special events and the ability to buy discounted tickets, the more shows you buy tickets for the cheaper they are. If you, like me, buy tickets to all 5 operas the tickets end up being $24 dollars each. Practically all the performances are opening night and there is a party after for Tempo members.

Jungle Theater:

This is a new program that I have yet to use. Any play on Friday night is just $25 if you are under thirty. And you get a free drink with it too! You can get them by calling the box office or online using the promo code 25under30, just be sure to have your ID with when picking up the tickets.

Park Square Theater:

I’m not sure if this has a name, but if you are under 30 the tickets in the standard ticket section are only $21 dollars instead of $40. Another good deal to be aware of.

History Theater:

At the History Theater under 30 is it's own price category. The price varies by the show and what section you are in, but the most expensive tickets for those under 30 are around $31.

Hennepin Theater Trust:

This is a Broadway club for people in their 20s and 30s. It is a 20 dollar annual membership. And with it you get access to Broadway cast parties, invites to special events, tours of historic theaters and more along with discounts to shows. Although the discounts don’t make it quite as affordable as other on the list, with most tickets still being in the 50-60 dollar range, for a musical theater geek like me it is a great program to know about.

It is important not to forget about all the other great theaters in the Twin Cities that may not have programs that are for young adults but whose tickets are already affordable. These theaters include the Penumbra Theater, The Mixed Blood Theater, and Theater in the Round.

And if there are other programs or discounts for young people I don’t know about please let me know.

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